Skill4Skill: The Skill Trading Network

The Skill4Skill platform enables people with specific skills to exchange services within a network of Skillers. The idea is based on a one-to-one exchange model, where unique needs are met by others, who are able to fulfil them.

Could you be a Skiller? You can become a Skiller if you have a skill and are willing to trade it for another. 
For example, if you need your kitchen sink fixing and you know how to fix a bike, cut hair, tailor a suit or assemble an Ikea table, you can exchange your skill with another Skiller who is able to help you. This way you can help each other by using your competences without breaking the bank.
Where do Skillers operate? The Skill4Skill network is global and can be accessed around the world.
Are you in need of a Skiller? Become part of the network now and you will gain access to the database of Skillers already registered.
How are Skillers rated? After a job has been done, each Skiller will evaluate the other on their service. This way your individual Skiller profile will illustrate your level of service.