Building Trust


How to build trust amongst strangers?

Ticket2Ticket offers protection for users against fraud (counterfeit tickets, bargaining, and black market) by being directly involved in the swapping process. Each ticket is sent to us before reaching the end user. Ticket2Ticket will check the price and authenticity of the tickets. This system ensures that each user will get the ticket they want at the end of the swapping process. Our main concern is to protect our users against the black market mainly because our revenue model is based on swapping. With this concern in mind, Ticket2Ticket does not allow to resell tickets at a higher price than their initial value. Ticket2Ticket is the trust agent for its users.

What are your reputational challenges? How do you plan to address them?

Ticket2Ticket validity control system should be efficient enough to guarantee that each ticket is authentic, correctly priced and valid. In the unlikely event of a fraud, Ticket2Ticket has a refund policy. Our customer relationship is based on Brogan’s 3A’s approach. Acknowledge, apologize and act.

Another reputational challenge Ticket2Ticket may face is legal issues. A concern when swapping tickets online is that the tickets offered by the users may be stolen or counterfeit. For this reason Ticket2Ticket will educate users about stolen and counterfeit tickets. We’ll also offer legal support through our legal expert for issues related to fraud.

What’s your approach into building trust? How other sharing economy startups have addressed similar challenges?

We are planning to adopt a very strong approach in increasing trust among our users by enforcing many reputation and trust mechanisms used by multisided platforms such as Airbnb and Ebay, which are the ultimate leaders in nowadays collaborative consumption era.


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