Creating value with collaborative networks

The introduction and increase in the use of service networking has brought many new opportunities for new business models. We are moving towards a society focused on sharing and collaborating rather than owning and consuming.

The new collaboration economy enables us to match our wants with haves in a more democratic way.
The sharing economy and collaborative consumption makes it possible to add value through networks, allowing us to remove the monetary factor and trade skills instead. That is where Skill4Skill comes into play. Pairing wants and needs with haves and skills; Skiller’s can fulfill their needs by meeting the needs of others.

There is a growing community of individuals seeking more naturally sustainable solutions in everyday life and this collaborative platform will enable a method of utilising each other’s unique capabilities. The Skill4Skill network is based on an ecological way of thinking, giving the Skiller’s access to unused resources.

Members of the Skill4Skill network become prosumers in that they are both consumers and producers, adding value to receive value.

Skill4Skill fits into the personal services sub-class within Jeremiah Owyang’s Honeycomb model 1.0 (fig.1), but differs from most of the other businesses already present, as it involves an alternative method of payment. The value of a skill can be increased through ratings from other Skillers, which will be visible on a personalised profile. Trust forms the basis for the success of the service-networking platform and will determine the extent of the network impact.

Honeycombfig.1 Collaborative Economy Honeycomb (


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