How KnowteShare fit in in the collaborative & sharing economy


The collaborative economy and how our business contributes to it can therefore be understood through the application of the Honeycomb. According to the Honeycomb our business could be interpreted as being a category for itself. You could argue for adding a new cell called knowledge containing platforms for sharing knowledge both physically and as more intangible online content. If sharing notes, articles, and knowledge should be mapped into existing cells of the Honeycomb it could be either a good (articles, books, notes) or services (online knowledge sharing through forums). When considering the key market forces within the framework there are societal, economic, and technological drivers of our business. The societal will mainly be the desire to connect with equal peers also going to an educational institution and the mindset of contributing to a society where sustainability is the core. The economic driver would primarily be the fact of saving money and making more out of idle resources. Lastly both the Internet and mobile technologies are drivers in order to make our business spread. Firstly it has to build on social networks but also apps like SOS Notes contribute to our business of making sharing easier and more convenient.


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