KnowteShare Trust Building

How can you trust that the book you´re about to buy from its previous owner is in good condition? How can you trust that you aren´t paying more than you should, andmore importantly how can you cultivate this kind of trust in the community you develop to make sharing of school notes, articles and knowledge effortless and worry-free?

According to Rachel Botsman: “Reputation capital is becoming so important that it will act as a secondary currency, one that claims “you can trust me“. We want our users to see each other as trustworthy individuals, and be able to increase their personal reputational capital from taking part in sharing on KnowteShare. Therefore, we at KnowteShare seek to implement a reputational system in which users are rated based on their quality of notes, the condition of articles/books which they pass on or sell.



Sometime in the future, a particularly good reputation will be able to earn participants in the community certain benefits. A high “status/rank” (along these lines), as well as potential rewards like discounts. These incentives are thought to be able to keep the community thriving once established. People will be able to see the trustworthiness of those they wish to share with/buy from by checking their reputational score.


A barrier to this at the start-up level is that no one will have initial reputational scores until people actually begin using the service. Therefore, the best way to initiate sharing through KnowteShare would be to “recruit” people you already know and trust from your classes, and encourage sharing between them and making use of the reputational system to get some initial ratings.

In order to assist in building trust KnowteShare will be closed to individuals outside particular universities, accessible only to people with email addresses from the institutions intended. Beyond this, we want users on KnowteShare to be able to link their current social media accounts to their user profiles on KnowteShare (like they are combined on fidbacks) – in this sense, as you look to acquire notes from a person, you will already have gotten an idea about who the person giving you these notes are. This is the idea brought about as a “second level of trust” (Can I Trust You Really?: The Reputational Currency). Users of KnowteShare will also be encouraged to snap pictures of the articles, notes, or books that they want to share, so that those that want to get it from them know what they are getting.

For more information on this trust/reputation currency, check this video out


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