Under the microscope: Collaborative Consumption

We’re in it for the money. 

Let’s try that again – we’re in it to help people by providing a service that enables collaboration and communication between them in a world where individual ownership is becoming less and less important, opening the door to something else.

Let’s start with the basics: the concept of the collaborative economy is being able to share assets that would otherwise go unused while building a community. What is also entails is reducing waste, encouraging interaction between community members and supporting sustainability. What, in our opinion, is most interesting about it is how much it relies on reputation, especially in the 21st century when information is widely available everywhere. Let’s make a comparison – previously, in the 20th century, the main goal of companies was obviously what? To make a profit. However, now  the trend is to move towards helping each other through the sharing of resources, and making a profit is only a secondary effect of this – not the main goal.

Due to the importance of reputation, companies need to be continuously engaging in communication channels such as social media, as it will enable them to establish and strengthen their relationship with their customers as well as their brand. Strengthening their brand allows them also to capture more customers, grow the community and increase the effect of the collaborative economy.

But what else does this sharing economy make easier to do? It enables everyone to find the goods and services that they’re seeking, as they’ll be able to get them from people in their local communities, thus benefitting each other and the community as a whole. An example of this is Lyft, which we mention in our first post.

So, all of this is great – but how are we going to benefit from it? Or, better said, how are we going to use it to help others? Well, #teamselfie decided to make the best out of this new age of sharing and collaboration by enabling the people of Copenhagen to have access to something really important: bike repair services 24/7. 

Our advice: Get to know our concept –> like, share and freely discuss what you think with others!


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