Trust is our key currency

Trust equation

Within collaborative consumption and in our business model, trust and reputation are key elements for success.

When sharing clothes the trust component concerns two important points:

  1. Sharing baby clothes means dealing with strangers.
  2. Buying online means not checking the quality of the clothes.

By applying efficient solutions through the developing network technologies and want may be called a personal factor, we aim to decrease the risk level experienced by our co-creators and solve these two problems.

We are very lucky to have mums as customers, as they have something in common, the experience of being a mother. That brings confidence between them, because they share something very special. Motherhood.

To increase the level of trust we have added the social network component and made it possible to sign up with Facebook. Thanks to Facebook, a mum can connect and verify the identity of another user and have additional information about friends and interests. Facebook is the standard for reputation on the web, that is why we should use it.

Moreover, we have introduced the quality check that guarantee the best quality to our customers by having us, the AirbnBaby founders to quality check the clothes shared in order to secure a co-creating platform build on mutual trust.

/Lærke Kristensen, Malene Schultzer & Ghita Imani


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