SKill4Skill’s Business Model

Skill4Skill’s business model is based on the business model canvas.

Key partners: Are very limited, since Skill4Skill serve as an online intermediary for the users/customers.

Key Activities: The key activities for Skill4Skill is the dependability of the website and the continuously innovative development of the website.

Key Resources: The key resources of Skill4Skill are the people involved and their know-how of running an online business.

Costs: The dominating costs of Skill4Skill are the on-going expenses to maintenance, server and operational costs.

Value proposition: Skill4Skill serves as a facilitator of the sharing economy and offers users a unique online marketplace from where they can wallow in the opportunities provided by Skill4Skill.

Customer Relationship: With a relationship rooted in the web, there is a common understanding that the automatic and self-service is a inherent part of the process. Our role is that of the facilitator and enabler, rather than the provider and leader. Where we serve as a medium and tool for the users to communicate and exchange skills.

Customers: Customers are all those who have any practical skill which they are able to utilize and willing to share with others, in order to trade for other services. The willingness of the customers largely depends on the price elasticity of the respective users; low elasticity, results in higher pull.

Revenue: Our cash flow is largely made up of advertisement on the site. The advertisements are targeted in such a way that the data which the users have supplied, is aligned with that of the advertisers

Channels: With a non-existing advertising budget, we heavily rely on word of mouth as a source of communication to our customers.


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