Airbnb from sharing business to corporate brand


Airbnb gradually changed its brand and strategic directions at a special event in July 2014. The old Airbnb strategy focused on sharing not used space in houses or apartments for the sake of helping each other and finding places to stay. It was an opportunity for people to make some extra money.
Then the business grew into the largest room sharing community worldwide. The infant company unexpectedly became a larger corporation. The change of logo, strategy, and approach mark this shift.
At the same time the commercialization of the brand focusses now on the consumer instead of the people sharing rooms. Airbnb empowers users with features, such as choosing individual logos for their properties, to keep them commited to the platform. The business is targetting at increasing the number of transactions and strengthen the users loyalty. It is becoming a brand instead of sharing economy.
Tags: #Airbnb, #collaborativeconsumption, #sharingeconomy

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