The New Airbnb



“Airbnb has just transformed itself from a tech company to a comsumer brand.”

Airbnb is no longer just a place where you go to put up your apartment (or a room in it) for rent to make a few bucks. The team behind Airbnb say that now it is all about “belonging”. Its core mission is for its users – the consumers – to feel at home and to make each other feel it as well. It´s about creating lasting connections and about personalizing the experiences that one creates when using Airbnb.

However, while all these words about belonging, and the development of a new logo with a deep meaning about shared values all sounds very nice, does it really mean anything?

All these buzzwords, and the aesthetically appealing new design have not really changed anything about the company itself. Will a new logo and mission statement change the way people use Airbnb – will the ability to customize the logo breed connections between the users?

It may help establishing new personal brands, instead making airbnb more of a framework or platform like Facebook, but will it change the way people have been connecting and travelling already? That seems doubtful.


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