GrowR spotlight: Eva’s garden

In the beginning stages of setting up GrowR, we enlisted a small group of people to act as “beta testers” of our concept.

One of these people is Eva. Her gardening hobby was already well under way, and as such, she quickly gained popularity on the GrowR platform.

We asked Eva a few questions about her garden, and her experiences with GrowR so far.

Thank you for joining us, Eva. How did you first get into gardening?

You’re welcome. Well, I always wanted a garden of my own. I used to live in an apartment where I’d grow cress on the windowsill. When I moved to my new house, I started my garden almost immediately.

Can you tell us a bit about what you grow here?

2014-07-07 20.35.50













As you can see, I grow tomatos. Those were my first project, and the plants that I’ve had the longest. I also have an apple tree that was here when I moved into the house.

What other kinds of plants do you grow?

2014-07-07 20.35.35













This year, I’ve started planting more kinds of plants. Among those are cucumbers, salad, broccoli, carrots and radishes.

What’s your experience with GrowR been like so far?

It’s been really great. I’ve learned that people who live close by grow things that I don’t – at least, not yet. I’ve traded loads of times with a family nearby that grows herbs primarily – rosemary, sage and thyme, for instance.

I also learned about a great little gadget ,from another GrowR user, that drains apples of their humidity, letting you create these great little apple chips.

What’s been the biggest advantage of using GrowR so far?

Definitely that I don’t waste anything that grows in my garden. I used to have to spend time picking rotten apples off my lawn. Now, however, I trade those I can for other fruits or vegetables, and turn the rest into apple chips.

Do you think you will keep using GrowR in the future?


The GrowR team would like to thank Eva for helping us “beta test” the GrowR platform, and for showing us her garden. 


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