Urban gardening on the waves

Copenhagen is the greenest capital city in Europe. But it’s plants and trees do not only grow in parks and in the surrounding forests and farms…

When you walk around the canals of Copenhagen, you can see the many boats floating by. Some of them are the homes of people: they have rooms as any other house, they are connected to electricity, fresh water. Even though they are on water, these houseboats usually stay at one place.


The inhabitants of these boats are people who want to be close to nature. And what could emphasize it even more? Well, most of them grow vegetables on their own “rooftops”. There is usually plenty of space, where they can cultivate plants like basil, tomato, pepper, or even lemon.

Houseboat owners say, they usually don’t spend much time with nurturing the plants. They only have to water them on a regular basis and they can enjoy their fresh, organic products. Growing can can be even more fun, if there are children in the house, they can be responsible for their own vegetables or fruits.

However, there is always a little extra, that they can’t use themselves. Therefore houseboat owners would be delighted to use GrowR and share their organic veggies with you; and who knows, maybe they could explain you a bit about their not-so-usual lives on the water.




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