From A to Belo

Airbnb started as an idea. Joe and his two friends rented out their home to guest in order to get some extra money to help pay the rent. They thought they were selling a free bed, like any hotel in town, only cheaper, but what they were actually selling was the experience and the opportunity to connect.

The technological development and the rise of social network have fostered a world of online connected people. But out in the “real” world, it is no longer unusual not to know the name of your neighbour. Airbnb quickly fostered a community of people all different, from different part of the world, with different jobs and lives, but all with the one common characteristic, the desire to belong.

Airbnb got a new identity, but nothing have really changed, because Airbnb have always been about connecting, sharing and belonging, it just haven’t been verbalised as strongly as know.

airbnb belong travel connect love places people

Airbnb moved from being a tech brand to a consumer brand, whos greater purpose is to connect people from all over the world and create the opportunity for them to belong to something bigger.

Now, the Airbnb community have the opportunity to be local anywhere.


Trust is our key currency

Trust equation

Within collaborative consumption and in our business model, trust and reputation are key elements for success.

When sharing clothes the trust component concerns two important points:

  1. Sharing baby clothes means dealing with strangers.
  2. Buying online means not checking the quality of the clothes.

By applying efficient solutions through the developing network technologies and want may be called a personal factor, we aim to decrease the risk level experienced by our co-creators and solve these two problems.

We are very lucky to have mums as customers, as they have something in common, the experience of being a mother. That brings confidence between them, because they share something very special. Motherhood.

To increase the level of trust we have added the social network component and made it possible to sign up with Facebook. Thanks to Facebook, a mum can connect and verify the identity of another user and have additional information about friends and interests. Facebook is the standard for reputation on the web, that is why we should use it.

Moreover, we have introduced the quality check that guarantee the best quality to our customers by having us, the AirbnBaby founders to quality check the clothes shared in order to secure a co-creating platform build on mutual trust.

/Lærke Kristensen, Malene Schultzer & Ghita Imani

Adding value through community

Baby computer cute connected babiesThe world is made up by relationships. The relationships between friends and families, the relationships you get at work, online and offline relationship all with the purpose of delivering value to the ones in the relationship. By giving you get and suddenly two plus two equals five, because together we can produce mush more value than we can as individuals.

Collaborative consumption is about exactly that. Pulling our resources together to create value for the combined community and the individuals within it.

When someone becomes a mom, they enter a new world with new challenges and new discoveries and within months they realize that the money and time spend on constantly buying new clothes for their ever growing children is beyond any imagination.

As children are growing enormously within the first years of their lives, parents are forced to buy clothes for their children approximately every second to six month. As these consumption patterns create clothes that are barely used and maybe tossed in the basement for use years later for a new toddler, why not instead share and exchange used clothes with other moms and at the same time share experience and knowledge with these other likeminded moms within ones community.

Through the AirbnBaby platform moms can borrow clothes and exchange it later for something else in a new size and returning the first batch, so it can be shipped to a new mom in need of it

The AirbnBaby platform thus facilitates collaborative consumption and the sharing nature of life that are developing in Copenhagen day by day. Sharing clothes is common practice in Denmark even for children clothes and if you have the time everything is possible. AirbnBaby is about creating the opportunity for those with less time, but the same needs and wants.

/Lærke Kristensen, Malene Schultzer & Ghita Imani